GI Pathology

Dedicated to the pathology
of the gastrointestinal tract

About GI Pathology

GI Pathology is a specialised histopathology laboratory in Perth, Western Australia, dedicated to pathology of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

We provide a personalised service that emphasises both accuracy and efficiency. All cases are reported by a locally trained pathologist with extensive experience in gastrointestinal pathology.

GI Pathology is fully independent and 100% owner-operated. With no other shareholders or investors, we maintain complete control over operations for the benefit of referrers and their patients.

There are no “gaps” or out-of-pocket fees for our services for patients with private health insurance.

Our services

GI Pathology welcomes gastrointestinal histopathology specimens from gastroenterologists and surgeons.

The laboratory is located in West Leederville and services the Perth metropolitan area.

In addition to diagnostic accuracy, we recognise the importance of timely reporting and effective communication. In general, our turnaround time for routine small biopsies is 24 hours. Urgent cases are dealt with as a priority. Clinically important findings are discussed with the referring specialist.

Pathologist Dr Tony Barham is available 24/7 to discuss cases and provide advice. Requests to attend multi-disciplinary and other clinical meetings are also welcomed.

As a dedicated histopathology laboratory, we do not collect or process blood samples. Our couriers collect specimens directly from endoscopy units and operating theatres.

If a histopathology specimen is accompanied by separate samples requiring other pathology tests (e.g. microbiology; flow cytometry), we will refer and deliver these to PathWest.

GI Pathology provides “no gap” billing (i.e. no out-of-pocket costs) for patients with private insurance from any complying health fund.

We have agreements with most health funds allowing us to bill them directly, so the patient does not receive an account for pathology. For health funds that have not entered into a direct billing agreement, we will send an account to the patient, but the full cost will still be covered.

Patients without private health insurance will generally be charged the Medicare Schedule fee, of which Medicare covers 75%, with the remaining 25% payable by the patient. However, bulk billing of uninsured patients can be arranged by special request.

Routine endoscopic biopsies are usually reported within 1 business day. Some cases require additional studies and these will take a little longer. If a case is complex and requires extended work-up, a preliminary report will be issued and/or the case will be discussed with the referring specialist.

Surgical resection specimens are generally reported in 3 to 4 business days, depending on the level of complexity.

Histopathology and immunohistochemistry are performed at our West Leederville laboratory. In some cases, other pathology tests (that we do not perform) are required in addition to histopathology. For example, additional samples may be collected for microbiologic culture or flow cytometry. In this instance, we will refer and deliver the non-histopathology items to PathWest.

Pathologist contact details are provided to all referrers, who are welcome to call during or outside business hours for advice on ordering of examinations and interpretation of results.

GI Pathology regards multi-disciplinary meetings as a vital component of quality patient care, and pathologist attendance at these is accordingly given a high priority.

Advice can also be provided regarding completion of request forms, specimen labelling, packaging and storage, criteria for acceptance of samples, and making verbal requests for further examinations.

Dr Tony Barham


Tony is originally from the Central Coast of NSW and graduated in medicine from the University of Newcastle in 1996. He moved to Perth in 2000 and entered the pathology training program of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA), which he completed in 2004.

From 2005, Tony was a consultant pathologist for six years at Western Diagnostic Pathology. In 2011 he moved to Perth Pathology (now part of Australian Clinical Labs). During eight years at Perth Pathology, Tony developed a particular interest in gastrointestinal pathology, providing a high quality service to a large referral base of specialist gastroenterologists and surgeons.

In 2019, Tony established GI Pathology together with his wife Jenny. Tony also holds a sessional appointment as a gastrointestinal pathologist at PathWest.

Away from pathology, Tony is an enthusiastic (although sadly untalented) student of the renaissance lute. He and Jenny are parents to Tom, Ed and Charlotte.

Request Forms

Click on the links below to download GI Pathology request forms. In addition to the standard form, there is a version for referrers who prefer checkboxes for each anatomical site.

We can supply pads of request forms pre-printed with your details, and are also happy to customise forms to your requirements.

To order request forms, call us on 08 9388 7775, email or SMS Jenny Barham
on 0414 255 012.

A5 tickbox request form
A5 plain request form
A4 request form with patient copy


Office 5, Level 1, 115 Cambridge St, West Leederville


Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM



(08) 9388 7775